provocative original evocative challenging progressive inventive theatre

1. Alludes to the position of being able to freely observe a situation without being oneself noticed.

2. Alludes to a theatre company in Melbourne, Australia whose quality of work constantly places the audience in the position of definition 1. 

Working independently from the constrictions of mainstream theatre, Fly-On-The-Wall has provided audiences in both Melbourne and abroad with a unique, affordable and challenging alternative for 25 years. 

Making a name for themselves since 1985 as one of the most prolific and hardworking theatre companies in the country, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre has gathered a loyal following and established themselves as one of the premiere “cult” producing houses. Unafraid of controversial content but always with a sharp eye for beauty, the company has been responsible for some of Melbourne’s most legendary productions and grown through various transformations over the years: From its early stages as Ghostshirts Productions through to the grandeur of the outdoor productions at Rippon Lea as Performing Arts Productions (earning them the title of “the Merchant Ivory of Melbourne theatre”), to its current incarnation. 

The company has premiered works by writers as diverse as AGWIE Award winner Julia Britton, Angus Brown, Sam Sejavaka, Daniel Lillford, Barry Lowe, Colin Ryan, Mark Andrew, Steve Willis and Alex Broun providing a launching pad for young, up and coming writers and actors that might prove rare in other facets of the industry. 

Past productions include: La Miracle de la Rose, Dimboola, Homme Fatale, Like Stars Thieving Boy/Like Stars in My Hands, Heights, In Angel Gear, The Choir, The Hive, The Dream Children, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Anne of Green Gables, Loving Friends, Life as a Springer Show, Almost, Tipping Point, Exploration, Falling So Slowly, Half A Person: My Life as Told by The Smiths, An Indian Summer, Stage Door, Sunset Children and The Singing Forest. Awards include the Green Room Award (In Angel Gear - Best Production) and the Premiere’s Literary Award (The Hive) along with many nominations. 

“At the intersection of experimentation, ambition, originality, bravery and beauty you will find us waiting.” 

Phone: +61 (0)3 9531 9395
Fax: +61 (0)3 9531 9395

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